National Level Ethical Hacking Championship

28 December 2019

Monday, 08.00 AM to 05.30 PM

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Last Date Of Registration : 20 Dec 2019

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About Workshop

National Level Ethical Hacking Championship and Workshop

First Time In Ahmednagar City

This National Level Ethical Hacking & Championship Workshop provides you a hands-on environment with a systematic process, where, you will be exposed to an entirely different way of achieving optimal information security posture; by hacking the system & Protect their System!

After completing this workshop you can easily hack any Computer, Website, Android Phone, Wifi, Facebook, Gmail etc. and also so many unbeliveable hacking tricks Developed by Infosecindia

Infosecindia Workshop

Workshop Syllabus

National Level Ethical Hacking Championship and Workshop

Session 1

Ethics & Hacking:
- Hacking history: How it all begin
- Why is security needed?
- What is ethical hacking?
- Ethical Hacker vs. Malicious hacker
- Types of Hackers
- Building an approach for ethical hacking
- Steps in Ethical hacking

Basics of Internet, Networking & Hacking
- What is a Network?
- Types of network – LANs, WANs & WLANs
- What is Internet?
- History of the Internet
- Basic Structure
- What is a Server?
- What is an IP Address?
- What is a domain name?
- IP-Domain Relation
- Internet networking
- What is a port?

Information gathering & Google Hacking (Practical)
- Whois access (Demo)
- Maltego (Demo)
- (Demo)
- IPscanning (Demo)
- Port scanning (Demo)
- Network scanning& its tools (Demo)
- What is Google and how does it work?
- Google tricks (Demo)
- Basic hacks (Demo)
- How can Google hacking help an Ethical Hacker? (Demo)
- Accessing online remote cameras

Session 2

SQL injections attacks (Practical)
- Introduction of SQL
- Checking SQL injection vulnerability (demo)
- Basic strategy of SQL injection (Demo)
- Getting login credentials using SQL injections (Live Demo)
- SQL cheat sheets (Demo)
-Using SQL injection tools (Demo)
- Live demonstration of the attack (Demo)

Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM Attack) (Practical)
- What is Black Linux
- What is Man-in-the-middle attack?
- Preparation for Man-in-the-middle attack (Demo)
- Setting ettercap tool for the attack (demo)
- Man-in-the-middle attack(Live Demo)

Cross site scripting attack (XSS) (Practical)
- What is XSS attack?
- Loopholes causing XSS attack?
- Identifying victim for XSS Attack (Demo)
- Preparation for XSS attack (Demo)
- Introduction to JavaScript
- Java script for XSS Attack (Demo)
- Attacking on website through XSS(Live Demo)
- Damages caused by XSS attack (Demo)
- Protecting systems against XSS attack (Demo)

Session 3

Phishing, cookie grabbing& Session hijacking Phishing, Trojan & Viruses
- What is phishing?
- Social engineering used in phishing (Demo)
- Phishing attack (Demo)
- Phishing sites (Demo)
- Viruses: Trojans, Worms, Malware, Spyware
- Modes of spreading
- Different Ways a Trojan can Get into a System (Demo)
- Creation of Trojan using prorate(Demo)
- Some Famous Trojans and Ports They Use (Demo)
- Attacking a system using our created Trojan (Demo-BL.)
- Indications of a Trojan Attack (Demo)

Session 4

Mobile Platform Hacking
- Hack android Platform
- Hack mobile cameras (Demo)
- Hacking mobile Data(Demo)
- Hacking whatsup

Fake SMS & Calls
- What is Fake SMS, Email & Call?
- Method of generating fake SMS & Calls (Demo)

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Ethical Hacking

Do You Think That Your Facebook,Gmail,WhatsApp, Your Transactions Are Safe? What If Someone Is Monitoring Accounts? What Are You Going To Do Then? Just Attend Our Workshop One Time,No Need To Worry!!!

Forensic Investigation

This workshop is dedicated on Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigation. Computer Forensics is a detailed and scientific study, research and implementation of computer science.

Data Recovery

Nobody expects data loss. A hard drive failure or virus attack can occur in seconds, wiping out crucial files and leaving you with a limited set of options

Penetration Testing

Get a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your vulnerabilities – and guidance on how to stop them – with our pen testing services.

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